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Water Resources

Science and Society

By George Hornberger & Debra Perrone

Water Resources: Science and Scoeity

Chapter 1: Hydrologic Cycle

Chapter 2: Surface Water

Chapter 3: Groundwater

Chapter 4: Soil Water

Chapter 5: Water for Agriculture

Chapter 6: Water for Energy

Chapter 7: Water for People

Chapter 8: Water for the Environment

Chapter 9: Population & Water

Chapter 10: Climate Change & Water

Chapter 11: Water Law

Chapter 12: Water Quality

Chapter 13: Water Management

In this new textbook, the role of water resources in natural, social, and human-built systems is examined, helping students understand and evaluate the complex tradeoffs required to achieve sustainable water management. Providing a much-needed educational tool that looks at freshwater resources, the text includes a primer on the elements of physical hydrology necessary to understand resource availability; relates water to agriculture, energy, the environment, and urbanization; highlights connections between water quantity and quality; explains the economic and legal constraints round water resources; considers the impacts of climate change and population growth; and proposes paths forward for the sustainable use of water.

Teaching basic methods used to make informed water management decisions, the book includes illustrative quantitative calculations, qualitative think-pieces, and case studies. An appendix provides a review of units, dimensions, and conversions useful for addressing each chapter's example problems. Online answer keys are also available.


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John J. Boland, Johns Hopkins University

"This book is significant for its even-handed treatment of a wide range of issues, applications, disciplines, and policy initiatives. The most integrated examination of water resources that I have seen." 

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