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'Go Deep or Go Dry’

is Unsustainable

Debra Perrone, Assistant Professor UC Santa Barbara, discusses the dwindling groundwater supply affecting 12 million US wells caused by global warming and over-consumption. The world relies on groundwater, which is getting harder and harder to find.  With groundwater close to the surface vanishing, well-drillers are forced to turn to deep drilling for corporate, agricultural, and domestic water needs. But going deep this way is far more expensive and increasingly yields contaminated water.

'License to Pump'

Groundwater Permitting

in the west

Groundwater is a critical resource in the western 17 states. Ensuring adequate groundwater supplies are available to meet growing water demands of the West is important and suggests that groundwater management must transcend the status quo. 

Here, we provide a state-of-the-art toolbox for understanding a sample of groundwater permitting approaches across the Southwest.